Healthy Black Friday Deals for 2020

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Ah, Black Friday. Do you Black Friday? Do you Cyber Monday? Maybe the rush of it all thrills you, maybe it causes you angst. However you feel about shopping this time of year, it seems everywhere has some sort of good deal going. This post takes a look at four of 2020’s healthy Black Friday deals. We’d love to hear about any others you’ve scored or plan to score this year!

Healthy Black Friday Deal #1

Four Sigmatic Coffee and Elixir Drinks

Four Sigmatic‘s coffee or cocoa drinks contain adaptogenic herbs and the benefits of superfood mushrooms. These additional ingredients provide your body with clean energy and give your brain a little boost. Four Sigmatic offers caffeinated as well as caffeine-free options. 

Black Friday is their biggest sale of the year to date, with prices up to 50% off (now through December 1st, 2020).


Healthy Black Friday Deal #2

The Always Pan

Have you heard of the Always Pan?!? I keep seeing it everywhere, with rave reviews, but have yet to try it. The kitchen always seems so full of so many things, narrowing the cupboard down to this 8-in-1 pan sounds amazing! Designed to replace your frying pans, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucepan, saucier, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest, it kinda sounds like a dream come true.

The Always Pan comes in a variety of colorways, is lightweight, non-toxic, and compatible with all cooktops (though not oven safe). Be warned, if you want to give or receive this before Christmas Day, you’ll be limited on color choices as many are ALREADY sold out/shipping late. Those of you with minimalist dreams, peruse other available products, as most offerings have a streamlined look and covetable stackability.

Regularly $145, the Always Pan is on Black Friday sale for $95 with the code SUPERSALE.


Healthy Black Friday Deal #3

Harkla Weighted Blankets

With proven benefits for sleep, weighted blankets are a great gift for kids (or anyone)! Weighted blankets can activate your calming parasympathetic nervous system naturally, giving you a better nap, night’s sleep, or calmer experience while sitting and reading. Harkla blankets use micro-glass beads instead of plastic beads, making them odor free and hypoallergenic.

Prices start around $110 for adult blankets and $80 for kids, but with the code Holiday20 you’ll receive 20% off (Black Friday through Cyber Monday only).


Healthy Black Friday Deal #4

Pique Tea

Are you a tea drinker? I have only heard good things about Pique Tea.

Pique teas are organic and contain up to 12x the polyphenols (amazing antioxidants for your body!) of regular loose leaf tea. Not only are Pique teas organic, they are triple screened for pesticides, molds/fungi/mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

Pique offers a variety of tea options, from immune support to healthy digestion to fasting to digestion support, and you can even build your own bundle! Made of tea crystals, Pique teas dissolve easily and are a cinch to enjoy on the go.

The code BFCM20 saves you 20%.

(None of these are affiliate links, just some good deals we’ve found and wanted to share! We’d love to hear what good deals you see on healthy products (or amazing products, or amazing healthy products) this season!

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