Thermography FAQ

The thermal images are sent to Physician’s Insight Interpretation. The health scan imaging staff includes over 10 medical doctors who received over 12-18 months of thermographic training and have many years of experience. Their knowledge is unparalleled.

It is extremely safe! Thermography is as safe as having your picture taken. Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging uses no radiation and no compression of the body is needed. The health scan imaging procedure is painless, safe, and uses FDA approved technology.

Unlike most medical imaging modalities, thermal imaging is non-invasive. We never need to come in contact with the patient at any time during the process.

Thermal imaging provides valuable information about what is going on inside your body. You’ve probably read that inflammation is at the root of most disease. Thermography is ideal for identifying inflammation in our bodies and identifying patterns that could possibly suggest:

  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Dental Pathology Infection
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Sinus and Allergies
  • Heart Disease & Potential for Stroke
  • Lymphatic Stagnation
  • Neuropathy & Vascular Disorders
  • Joint Dysfunction & Arthritis
  • Referred Pain & Trigger Points
  • Injuries & Fractures

EveryBODY is unique and has their own unique thermal pattern. By establishing a health scan imaging baseline for you and monitoring your progress going forward through yearly thermographic check ups, you are able to see potential issues and take action before a disease process takes root in your body.

Yes! Thermography is ideal if you have breast implants. The accuracy of thermography is not affected in people with implants. Since there is no compression, there is absolutely no risk of damaging the implants. In addition there is no radiation that can cause drying of the implants over time.

For breast health scan imaging specifically, Thermography is ideal for

  • Dense breasts
  • Breasts with implants
  • Previous radiation treatment
  • Women from teens to age 50
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Post-mastectomy
  • Inconclusive mammogram

No form of medical imaging can diagnose cancer. Biopsy alone can accurately diagnose cancer. However, thermography can detect the earliest physiological indications of breast cancer. Additionally, thermography can identify patterns that indicate estrogen dominance which is associated with a higher risk for breast cancer. Health scan imaging can also identify lymphatic congestion which is also a forerunner to disease.

When these patterns are identified, it enables a people to make important lifestyle changes so that they can have peace of mind and know that they are giving their best effort to making healthy choices and avoiding disease. As we monitor your progress through yearly visits, we will be able to see the effects of your good choices.

At Insight, “not cancer” is just not good enough. We want so much more for you!

Your first step is to schedule an appointment. If you have read these questions and still have health scan imaging questions or concerns, we would love to visit with you. Please schedule a complimentary consultation. We can go over your questions together and help you understand the process. When you are ready to schedule, please call us at (405) 445-4147 or schedule online.

When your appointment is scheduled, please print the paperwork for the type of appointment you have selected. You can print this, fill it out, and bring it with you to your appointment. If you are unable to print, no problem! We’ll have you come a few minutes early to your appointment and you can fill it out here at our office. Just contact us and let us know!

There are several activities and body care products that will have an effect on your thermal images. We want your health scan images to be as accurate as possible so we’ve made a printable checklist so you can be as prepared as possible for your appointment.

When you download your forms to fill out, go ahead and check out the preparation checklist, as well.

No, you do not need a referral. Many of our clients come to us referred by other healthcare practitioners, but we do not require a referral for our health scan imaging.

At this time, most insurance companies do not cover health scan imaging. You are, however, given a receipt for your visit which can be used as a medical expense for your taxes, if applicable. Our policy is to receive payment in full at the time of service. We do not provide billing or any assistance in health insurance reimbursement, but we will provide a detailed receipt for filing purposes. You are the one with control and power when dealing with your insurance company.

A list of our services and prices can be found on our home page.

We don’t offer payment plans at this time but if cost is an obstacle to you, please contact Erin to discuss options.

Reports are normally available within 7-10 days. We can also provide rushed reporting for an additional fee and you can expect your results within 24 hours. The report and images will be emailed to the email address you provided. We are also happy to send a copy to your doctor or another healthcare practitioner.

If you would like to take action and improve any conditions that show up on your images, please contact your healthcare practitioner. If you need help finding a knowledgeable practitioner who honors thermography, we are happy to help!

Above all, we want you to understand what your images show and be confident in taking action.

The strength of thermography is the ability to monitor change over time. Before we can monitor change, we must establish an accurate baseline for you. One health scan imaging study cannot provide an accurate baseline so we strive to have two studies done in a 3 month period so that we can ensure that your body’s physiology is suitable to be used as a normal baseline. The importance of this baseline cannot be emphasized enough. It’s a powerful tool.

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