October 2019 Newsletter

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Thermography for EveryBODY


Welcome To Our First-Ever Newsletter!

I think October is the perfect time to introduce our newsletter because we are coming to the end of Pink Ribbon season. Over the past month, you've probably noticed people around you wearing pink ribbons. The pink ribbon is a symbol of breast cancer awareness and is worn by survivors of breast cancer, those with loved ones who have battled the disease, or those who want to raise awareness and show their desire for a cure.

So let’s pin a little pink ribbon on our thermal camera for a minute and talk about how thermography fits in to the breast cancer awareness scene.

How Can Thermography Help?

First, let’s take a look at our perspective. We want more for you than just “not cancer”. I say over and over again, “Not cancer is NOT good enough.” We want true health and vitality for our clients!

Instead of focusing on preventing cancer, we want to focus on building health. I know that may sound like “tomato/tomahto” but there is a true difference. The difference is in your perspective. Working to prevent cancer feels scary and sad. Working to build health is empowering and positive! This difference shows up in the way we handle our imaging. We are not going in “looking” for cancer. We are using a thermal camera to get a picture of your body’s health! We are discovering health!

Let's Talk About Breast Health

Now that we have our perspective shifted, let’s talk specifically about breast health. How can thermography help in your pursuit of breast health? Three things pop into my mind instantly.

  • Inflammation: You’ve probably heard that inflammation is at the root of all disease and this is true! This is true in our whole body and it’s true when it comes to breast health. Chronic inflammation that is allowed to continue will allow a disease process to take root. Thermography is amazing at detecting inflammation. You can see that it’s there and address it.
  • Hormonal imbalance: We know that balancing our hormones and making sure that everything is in check is a huge part of breast cancer prevention. There are certain thermal patterns that we see in our imaging that could suggest that your hormones need some attention. Thermography alerts you very early so that you can take control, support your body, and bring those hormones into balance.
  • Lymphatic congestion: The health of your lymphatic system plays an important role in your body’s health. If your lymph system is stagnant, it means your body is struggling to remove toxins and keep you well. One of the most common things we see in our imaging is lymphatic stagnation. Again, when we see it on the images we can make recommendations to help you get that lymph flowing which will improve your breast health and the health of your whole body!

Let’s get started! Call me today and let’s talk about which thermography study is right for you and get you on a path in the pursuit of health!

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Meet Erin

"I founded Insight Thermography of Oklahoma to give mothers, fathers, sons and daughters a comfortable space to gain a deeper understanding of their bodies as they make decisions for their ongiong health."

Meet Amanda

"Two of my most important motivations in life are to be of service to others and to help encourage healthy life choices. Let's just say I'm thrilled to be part of Insight Thermography where I get to serve and empower new people every day!"

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Welcome, Partner!

Dr. Laura Miles started her specialty practice when she realized there weren’t any viable solutions to help patients figure out what their body is saying and why it is not functioning properly. Of course, prescription medicine can be used to treat symptoms and can help you feel better temporarily, but learning what your body needs to balance and operate efficiently can be a much more effective solution.

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