What to Expect with a Thermogram– Thermography: An Informal Case Study, Pt. 2

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Wondering what to expect with a thermogram? Keep reading to learn some of the basics of this comfortable, private, hands-off imaging option.

Remember Madison?

Previously we looked at Madison, who initially began seeing Erin in Erin’s naturopath practice. As that practice grew into Insight, and thermography became available, Madison had a new option available to her to assess her health. With refreshing honesty, she will tell you she was hesitant to participate in a thermogram, for the same reasons many people might be hesitant–you’re naked, and someone is taking your picture. And you are letting them. You scheduled this! After learning more about thermography and discussing with Erin, Madison reevaluated her hesitancy and decided to give a thermogram a try, knowing it could reveal things going on in her body that could help explain some of the symptoms she and Erin were already working to treat, as well as revealing if there was anything else going on she wasn’t aware of yet.

What to Expect with a Thermogram: What are My Options?

Insight offers three options of thermograms:

  • Breast scan, which evaluates overall breast health
  • Full-body scan, which evaluates the health of your entire body, head to toe.
  • Health study, which assesses what’s going on in your body from the waist up. 

The health study fit Madison’s case best, so she had a health study completed at Insight. Madison’s worries regarding having a thermogram were put to rest when she experienced the peaceful, stress-free environment at Insight.

Yes, you must undress to at least some degree, but you stand behind a privacy wall.

Yes, your picture is being taken while you are naked–with a thermal imaging camera. This means NO ONE, not even the thermographer, not even the CAMERA, sees your actual physical naked body. Only a thermal image is captured. That’s it! Our thermographers never cross the partition. There is absolutely no breach of privacy. AND the environment is serene–the lights are dim, there is a place for you to place your keys or jewelry or phone. While your body acclimates to the room temperature, we ask a few questions regarding your health history. We then take your images (30-60 minutes total time, depending on which study you’re having done). Then, you put your clothes back on and are free to go!

What Happens to My Thermography Images?

The images then go to an organization of doctors (thermologists). These doctors interpret the scan and send their recommendations/opinions back to our team. You receive a copy of this information and are able to discuss these results with Insight and formulate a plan of action you are comfortable with.

Madison’s thermogram revealed a few new things not necessarily suspected within the year she’d been seeing Erin as a practitioner. These were concerns she wasn’t really symptomatic for at this point.  Her thermogram also confirmed visually everything she and Erin suspected had been going on. THIS was motivation for Madison to add in some modalities she had known about but hadn’t been faithful to do up until that point. Some of the therapies Madison began to faithfully add into her daily process at this point included rebounding, deep breathing, dry brushing, some dietary adjustments, as well as continued intake of distilled water. Overall the weeks and months Madison had been learning and following her checklist faithfully, she began to see improvements. For her, that looked like better digestion, sleeping well, and starting to see some weight loss.

Stay tuned for a future post discussing these practices and how they are beneficially for all of us.

Madison had symptoms. For her, they were a problem and she wanted to learn how to resolve them.  She sought some help, gathered some information, began to pedal it out, and put it into practice. While none of the components were very difficult alone, putting them all together in day to day life was a little overwhelming. She put together a plan (literally, on paper) and continued to practice every day.

Over time, things began to get easier. This journey wasn’t as difficult as it was in the beginning–the “pedaling” was getting less strenuous as she kept at it every day. Some of the things that seemed new months before are now routine, a habit. Madison is still seeing results and she is feeling that freedom that makes all the effort worth it. She knows she feels better and she sees it in herself.  She will have a repeat health study soon, where a thermal image will be able to reveal all the improvements her body has made since her last scan. Stay tuned for that update!

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