What is Medical Thermography Imaging? – How This Radiation Free Imaging Option Equips You For Better Health from Head to Toe

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Medical thermography imaging is a heat sensitive picture taken of your body. When the infrared camera takes your picture, different areas of the body show up different colors depending on what the skin’s surface temperature is in those areas. Areas of injury, inflammation, disease, stress, etc. will create a temperature difference compared to surrounding areas in the body.

What is Medical Thermography Imaging Used For?

Thermography is useful for a variety of reasons, including preventive health and wellness, as well as monitoring the progress of an entire body or specific body system.

Breast Health

One of the most common usages of thermography is in regards to breast health. A safe early warning detection system, thermography uses zero radiation and does not compress your breast tissue.

Because thermography’s usage as a screening tool for breast cancer is a controversial discussion topic, it should be stated as a reminder that thermography does not function as a replacement for mammography. Thermography is a wonderful adjunctive imaging option when it comes to your breast health.

Because thermography detects inflammation, it can also be a useful screening tool for mastitis, benign tumors, and fibrocystic breast disease.


Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Disorders

Torn muscles release chemicals that cause increased heat in the body. This shows up as “hot” on a thermogram in the region of the muscle or trigger point.

Additionally, back strain yields consistent heat patterns. These patterns give insight into a possible source of spinal injury and potentially show areas the spine may be compensating for something else.

In contrast, nerve damage appears as a cool area on a thermogram. Nerve damage may be due to disc herniation or spinal nerve root compression, but if the damage is there, thermography can help show this.

Thermography can help document the permanency of a spinal injury– it is accurate and relevant enough that this modality has been used in trial courts to prove injury and rate disability.

Thermography can also monitor improvement of these neuro-musculo-skeletal/nerve related dysfunctions.

For more information on the usage of medical thermography in regards to breast health and neuro-musculo-skeletal health, or to read some further uses for medical thermography, check out this post.

muscoloskeletal thermography

Medical Thermography Training

The Certified Thermographers (CT) at Insight Wellness Oklahoma undergo a rigorous training program, requiring hours of instruction and multiple training scans. We are proud to use not only the highest quality thermal cameras and software on the market, but top-notch training for our thermographers as well.

In addition to our CTs training, we couldn’t do what we do without the incredible team of thermologists dedicated to reading your scans! These board certified physisicans interpret thermograms using their very specific training. Their insight contributes to a detailed report of your medical thermogram, allowing us to move forward to help you understand your symptoms or achieve your health goals.

To read more about our thermographers’ training, check out this post.

What are the Benefits of Medical Thermography Imaging?

While there are many benefits of medical thermography, since every body is unique, every person’s reason for seeking a thermogram may be different!

Thermography is Comfortable and Non-Invasive

At Insight Thermography, we use non-invasive equipment in a private setting. Our office requires no bodily contact, no discomfort, and our clients feel welcome and relaxed throughout the entire process.

Thermography is 100% Safe

Medical thermography is radiation free, unlike the vast majority of other imaging options available today.

Thermography Can Help Detect Disease Process Prior to Symptoms

Inflammation is one way the body signals your immune system is at work. Inflammation, at the onset, doesn’t always have symptoms. This is important to note, because thermography is capable of detecting inflammation before symptoms ever arise.

Detecting inflammation with thermography is possible because one of the signs of inflammation is heat. Other known indicators of inflammation include swelling, pain, and redness. But these symptoms aren’t always present!

Absence of symptoms matters. Why? Well, it matters because unaddressed, inflammation will always allow a disease process to take root. Detecting inflammation with thermography can help uncover medical issues and locate potential problem areas in the body that you may not be aware of!

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to medical thermography. Our thermal scans are tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Your story matters to us, and we can’t wait for you to see what thermography has to offer you!


How Much Does Full Body Thermography Cost?

We are happy to offer a range of thermography scans, including breast studies, health studies, and full body studies. View a complete list of our scan details and pricing options here

thermography cost

Is Medical Thermography Imaging Covered by Insurance?

The short answer to this question is no, as we have not found a medical insurance company at this point who includes thermography in their coverage. Some insurance companies may reimburse you for a portion of your thermography fees. We gladly accept Health Savings Accounts/Flex Spending Accounts at Insight. For more information or codes that may be helpful when speaking with your insurance provider, read this more detailed post we’ve written.

Medical Thermography Near Me

If you’re located in the OKC or Tulsa area, we aren’t too far from you! Insight Wellness is located in Yukon, OK. While our thermography options are utilizable to anyone willing to drive this direction, we also offer naturopathic wellness options that are available to clients nationwide!

Ready to book a thermogram with our team? Give us a call or text at (405)306-6340.

Not nearby? We can help you locate a certified thermographer in your area. Our favorite thermographer finding tool is this one. All thermographers listed at that link receive the highest quality training and use the best equipment and software available on the market today.

We’d love to meet you soon!

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