Understanding Our 24 Hour Urinalysis and Follow Up Enzyme Therapy

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The 24-hour urinalysis interpretation we use at Insight was developed by Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr. Typically, urine samples are taken at random times and give your practitioner a very limited view of your life. Dr. Loomis’ urinalysis allows us to look at a 24-hour sample, yielding a significantly more accurate picture of the foods and drinks you consumed that day and how those things affected your body.

At Insight, we love listening to your story and learning about your symptoms and concerns. This urinalysis testing allows us to obtain objective results and correlate those results to your symptoms. We then take your interpreted urinalysis (UA) results and apply Loomis’ Enzyme Therapy to those results. Dr. Loomis developed this enzyme therapy modality to help nourish and strengthen your body systems, which allows your body to heal.

History of Urinalysis

Testing urine is an ancient, time-honored practice. As far back as 1000-2000 BC we see records from ancient China and India mentioning urine observation. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, relied on urinalysis testing as far back as 500 BC. Technology has certainly advanced since those days, but urinalysis is no less important now than it was then.

With the advancement of technology, examining urine has become a less common practice. In fact, today, only quick dipstick procedures are routinely used to screen individuals for diseases including diabetes, urinary infections, or liver and kidney diseases. Because these older style chemical tests of the urine require more time to perform and measure, many health care professionals are no longer familiar with them and may not even realize how valuable these tests are.

One thing all health care providers can recognize, though? The urine definitely reflects our food and drink intake.

How Does the 24 Hour Urinalysis Work?

Your body will hold on to things it is deficient in and discard things it has too much of, in order to maintain health within itself. Your urine gives a clear picture of what the body is hoarding and what it’s discarding.

By recognizing deficiencies or excesses of calcium and salt for example, you may be able to intercept a problem before a disease process takes root.

Your body filters your blood through your kidneys, using the formation of urine to cleanse your blood. Additionally, your body discards excess acid and alkali, which maintains a normal pH balance within your blood.

This filtration system properly balances water and salt, discarding excess in the urine. Waste products and toxic substances are removed. When these systems are not functioning adequately, but before a disease process develops, annoying symptoms including allergies, headache, or fatigue may creep up.

Our 24 Hour Urinalysis gives you insight to several questions, including:

Are you

  • Digesting the food you eat?
  • Absorbing and using the nutrients you have digested?
  • Getting rid of body’s wastes?

Our 24 Hour Urinalysis Testing Procedure

You complete your 24 hour urinalysis in the comfort of your own home. You then mail your samples (in an included prepaid, pre-labeled shipping container) to a certified lab. Your results are sent to us, where we then discuss them with you and help you develop a plan designed to allow your body to begin to heal.


We begin with the same standard screening tests performed in hospitals to recognize disease. This means our urinalysis testing will first rule out diabetes, liver and kidney disease, as well as urinary infection or inflammation.


Physical tests for color, cloudiness, volume, and specific gravity are recorded. This allows for recognition of any abnormalities, including the kidney’s ability to clean the blood.


Complicated chemistry tests are performed, including an indican evaluation to measure the presence of food in the colon that is putrefying. That’s a gross word, but this putrefying food creates irritants and toxins in the body which result in pain and inflammation.


The urinary sediment is evaluated for excessive crystal formations. These crystal formations can indicate problems with digestion or excessive constriction of protein, sugar, or fat.

Additionally we test measurements for pH, calcium, and vitamin C.

Benefits of 24 Hour Urinalysis

The connection between proper digestion and the occurrence of many persistent health complaints is undeniable. These complaints could include allergies, digestive disorders, headaches/migraines, along with many more.

The Loomis 24 Hour Urinalysis is, plainly put, the best early warning system out there to identify the reasons behind your symptoms. Why?

  • It gives us biochemical evidence of what food(s) your body is having a difficult time digesting and assimilating. Your diet plays an enormous role in how you feel and how you maintain health.
  • It allows you to modify your diet according to your body’s specific needs. This program is unique and designed to meet your needs individually. No two people are alike, therefore we don’t use the exact same protocol for every single individual. We recognize your unique story and symptoms and treat you…uniquely!
  • It equips you to find out the reasons you feel the way you do.

Urine Collection

We provide you specific instructions and a collection kit, all delivered by mail, right to your doorstep! It is important you eat and drink as usual during these 24 hours, so that you are providing us with the most accurate information!


This testing and treatment plan costs $300. This investment into your health includes:

  • 24 hour urinalysis kit delivered to your door
  • Lab fees for testing the urine
  • Interpretation of findings
  • Review of health history, survey of current diet and lifestyle, as well as a food journal
  • Assessment and planning based on all of this information
  • Initial, comprehensive consultation (1 hour appointment)
  • Recommendations tailored to the client based on all of this information

This cost does not include enzymes specific to your treatment plan. These enzymes can be purchased separately once we’ve come up with a plan together! This cost also does not include two recommended follow up visits at 2 and 4 weeks, which currently cost $30/each. 

The 24 Hour Urinalysis Process

  1. When you purchase your test kit, it ships directly to your home.
  2. There will be instructions in the package along with collection container, freezer pack, as well as a sample bottle.
  3. Once you complete your test and have your sample ready, you will take it to a FedEx location.
  4. Lab results are emailed to us at Insight for interpretation.
  5. We contact you to go over your results, answer any questions you may have, and help you get started on a path to further health and wellness.

Call or text us at (405)306-6340 today to get started or ask questions! Our urinalysis testing options are available to local clients as well as clients nationwide! You can also read a little more about urinalysis here.

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