Thermography Scan: 5 Reasons You Need to Book One Now

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This post takes a quick look at why everyone should consider a thermography scan.

Do you have a current medical concern? Would you like to monitor your health pro-actively? In this article, we’ll (briefly) cover five reasons you need to book a thermography scan now.

Thermography is a high-tech screening tool that detects inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a precursor to many diseases and their symptoms.

So here are the 5 reasons you need to book a thermography scan now.

1)Thermography Scan: Non-Invasive

Thermography involves no bodily contact, no bloodwork, and no injections. A thermography scan is completely no-touch and pain free.

2)Thermography Scan: Radiation Free

Hands off and pain free- that’s thermography! Thermography is no different than having your picture taken. That’s because that’s exactly what a thermogram is– a picture. Unlike most medical imaging techniques, thermography is completely radiation free and 100% safe for your health.

3)Thermography Tailors to Your Specific Needs

Whether your health concerns center on:
*autoimmune disease
*chronic pain
*breast issues
*sports injuries
*heart health
*or any other number of concerns, thermography can help you.

At Insight Thermography of Oklahoma we offer three types of thermography scans: a full body study, a health study, and a breast study. Whatever your need, we have a thermography scan option to suit you.

4)Thermography Scan: Help Identify Health Concerns Before Symptoms Arise

Inflammation is a precursor to disease. When our bodies hold areas of inflammation, we can and should pay attention to what those areas may be trying to tell us.

Sometimes inflammation itself has no symptoms. But a thermography scan can detect inflammation even in the absence of symptoms.

By taking a thermal image of your body, areas containing more heat (inflammation) are made visible. Then, potential concerns are assessed and addressed.

5) Thermography Gives Insight As To How a Body Is Handling Its Environment

When our body is thriving, it contains little to no inflammation. If there is an underlying problem (or a known problem), a thermography scan detects where the body needs attention.

Physician’s Insight Interpretation assesses every thermogram done by Insight Thermography of Oklahoma. The health scan imaging staff includes over 10 medical doctors who received over 12-18 months of thermographic training and have many years of experience. Their knowledge is unparalleled.

After a scan’s assessment, we can discuss further treatment if necessary. This treatment may involve traditional medical treatment or a more holistic approach.


Keep in mind, thermography scans are not diagnostic tools, they are screening tools. Yearly thermography scans allow you to monitor the inflammation in your body over time– whether it is staying the same, increasing, or decreasing.

Depending upon what that inflammation is doing, there may be some changes you need to make in your lifestyle or further medical tests that need to be run by your physician.

If you have any questions about thermography or would like to book an appointment for a thermography scan, please visit us here or give us a call at 405-306-6340. We look forward to meeting you.

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