Thermography and Health Insurance: Our Most Popular Question Topic, Answered.

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Thermography and health insurance. Understandably, we get questions about this all the time. “Will my health insurance cover a thermography scan?” It’s a logical question. After all, thermography is a medical imaging tool. This post takes a look at that question. It also provides you with some answers. Additionally, we give some suggestions and tips when it comes to working with insurance.


What Is Thermography?

For anyone unfamiliar with thermography, here’s a brief rundown to get you in the know:

Thermography is a heat sensitive picture taken of your body. Different areas of your body may show up in a variety of colors, depending on the skin’s surface temperature in those areas. Interestingly, areas of injury, inflammation, disease, stress, etc. will show up “hotter” than “normal” areas in the body. Best of all, thermography is non-invasive and radiation free.

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Do You Accept Health Insurance?

At Insight, we do not bill insurance. You are responsible for payment at the time of imaging. However, if you have a health savings account or flex spending account, we are happy to accept those!


But Does Health Insurance Cover Thermography?

Unfortunately, the majority of insurance companies do not cover thermography. To be sure, contact your insurance provider.

However, we have found that some insurance companies will reimburse for thermography. We gladly provide an invoice for you to submit to your insurance company if needed!

Thermography Insurance Codes

The following codes may be helpful. Consider these when submitting information to your insurance company:


  • Thermography CPT code: 93740, under non-invasive physiologic studies
  • Procedure Diagnosis code R938 is considered billable (Reminder: thermography is NOT diagnostic, but this is the wording the insurance companies use).
  • 2020 ICD-10-PCS Procedure Code 4A0ZXKZ Measurement of Temperature, External Approach


Do Health Shares Cover Thermography?

Fortunately, health share ministries and medi-share type options are more likely to cover thermography. If you utilize this type of health care financing, contact your provider. Ask if thermography is eligible for reimbursement on your plan.


Contact Insight Thermography of Oklahoma

If your insurance company considers thermography an out of pocket expense, don’t despair. Also, do keep in mind that thermography tends to be less costly than more conventional medical imaging.

In conclusion, all of this is included in Insight’s thermography pricing:




  • Interpretation of imaging, by board certified physicians (called thermologists)
  • One on one consultation
  • Review of findings
  • Recommendations based on your thermogram interpretation


Interested in setting up an appointment? Have further questions about thermography or pricing? We’d love to chat with you further! You can call us at 405-306-6340. Appointments can also be made online here.

We are here to help you gain insight into your body. And we can’t wait to meet you!


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