The 2021 Best iPhone Apps for Health Tracking

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The 2021 Best iPhone Apps for Health Tracking

It’s safe to say the amount of technology at the tips of our fingers is fascinating. Today, with the modernization of technology – especially mobile technology – people have access to health apps, tools, and trackers at all times.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps that exist on the App Store, we at Insight Thermography of Oklahoma have identified a few of our favorite apps that require no additional add-on technology (such as a Fitbit).

Here is our list of the top 10 free health apps for 2021!

1. Thermometer App

Thermometer app by Mobiquite has a 4.6 star-rating amongst 140 product reviews. While this app does not monitor your internal temperature as you might think, it does get within one-tenth of a degree to the most accurate outside temperature, anywhere in the world, in real-time (as opposed to the standard weather app that comes with your phone.)

2. Headspace

If you are looking to relax, focus, and manage stress, the free Headspace app might be calling your name. Rated 4.9 stars amongst over 500,000+ reviewers, the free and basic course teaches you the fundamental techniques of mindfulness and meditation. Most importantly, the app helps you be happy and healthy by bringing balance to your day in just minutes.

3. Period Tracker

Attention all ladies – if you don’t currently have an app on your phone for tracking your menstrual cycle, we are about to change your life with the Clue Period Tracker, Ovulation app by BioWink, GmbH. While there are many free apps that track this kind of activity online, the Clue Period Tracker keeps things simple and discreet for a pleasurable user experience. Plus, it’s rated 4.8 stars from over 105,000 users!

4. Insulin Monitor

Glucose – Blood Sugar Tracker by Adappt, LLC is the leading insulin, medication, A1C, and blood pressure tracker on iTunes. Not only does this app help diabetics, but it also serves prediabetics in monitoring their carbohydrates, ketones, and weight. With over 8,600 reviews, this free app comes in at 4.7 stars.

5. Heart Rate Monitor

While there are many options for monitoring your heart rate via a free health app, the most highly-rated is Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor by Azumio, Inc. Get your heart rate in less than 10 seconds, check your stress levels, and see trends and insights all from this 4.8-star app.

6. Gluten-Free Recipes

GF Plate by BurLeigh Creative is a free app is contains over 200 gluten-free recipes. This highly visual app will leave even carb-loaders wanting these tasty recipes! This app is rated 4.7 stars from 391 reviewers – however, if you are looking for an app with a few more reviews to choose from, you can check out Garden Plate, Tasty, and Yummly. These apps aren’t limited to gluten-free eaters, but they will leave your tummy rumbling.

7. Sleep Analysis

Do you ever wake up feeling groggy and not rested? It is probably because you are waking up in the wrong part of your sleep cycle. That’s right – you have a sleep cycle, and understanding it means you can wake up feeling refreshed. The Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock by Sleep Cycle AB will wake you up gently while you are sleeping the lightest. Don’t believe us? Read from over 173,000+ reviews who gave this app 4.7 stars.

8. Training Club

Reaching your fitness goals just got easier with the free Nike Training Club app by Nike, Inc. This app does it all – strength, endurance, mobility, yoga – for all fitness levels. Most importantly, you can work out any time, anywhere, as well as receiving personalized recommendations. Plus, with Nike Premium, you can pay for upgrades like 4-6 week programs led by Nike master trainers and on-demand classes. It’s no wonder this app is rated 4.8 stars by over 131,000+ app users.

Erin Gerlt, N.D. and Insight Thermography of Oklahoma are dedicated to helping Oklahomans, as well as people across the world, live their healthiest life. For more information or to stay in touch, connect with Erin on Linkedin or “like” us on Facebook at Insight Thermography of Oklahoma.

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