Should I Get a Thermogram? 3 Reasons Thermography Benefits EVERY Body

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Are you familiar with thermography? Or are you still learning about the uses and benefits of this imaging option? Either way, you may be asking yourself “Should I get a thermogram?” This post is gives 3 reasons everyone benefits from thermography. Yes, EVERY body!

Should I Get A Thermogram? Thermography Benefit #1: Accuracy

Thermography takes a picture of what the naked eye can’t see.

Interestingly, all living organisms give off energy. And this energy can be captured by an infrared camera. The human body is no exception.

Enter the thermogram.

Thermography senses heat. Where there is activity, there is information worth looking at. In fact, even the smallest changes in the body’s heat can be measured with thermography. Interestingly, these minute changes can indicate underlying health issues. These health issues include toxins, abnormalities, or inflammation, etc.

Thermography is capable of capturing even these slight temperature changes. More importantly, it does so with precision. And accuracy. This allows you to get a good picture (literally) of what’s going on in your body. Knowing this enables you to move forward with any necessary measures.

Should I Get a Thermogram? Thermography Benefit #2: Safety

Above all, thermography emits ZERO radiation. In fact, thermography does one thing: takes an image. By reading body surface temperature patterns, thermography helps to reveal underlying health conditions. And as mentioned, thermography does so without subjecting you to harmful radiation.

Inflammation, blood vessel issues, and lymphatic congestion are a few health conditions commonly observed or assessed in thermography.

No radiation isn’t the only “no” when it comes to thermography. Thermograms are also NO touch. And NON invasive. Even breast thermography involves zero application of pressure.

The process is simply an infrared camera in the room with you. The camera takes photos of your body. To protect your utmost privacy, our thermographer is on the other side of a partition. After that, a doctor interprets your images. Your results are emailed to you.

No poking, no prodding. In fact, no one sets eyes on you other than the camera!

Thermography with Insight is completely safe. Safe from radiation, touch, and awkwardness.

Thermography Benefit #3: Detection Prior to Symptoms

Inflammation is one way the body signals your immune system is at work. Inflammation, at the onset, doesn’t always have symptoms. This is important to note, because thermography is able to detect inflammation before symptoms ever arise.

Detecting inflammation with thermography is possible because one of the signs of inflammation is heat. Other known (but not always present) indicators of inflammation include swelling, pain, and redness. 

Absence of symptoms matters. Why? Because inflammation allowed to sit unaddressed causes a disease process to eventually take hold! Detecting inflammation with thermography can help uncover medical issues. Thermography can also identify potential problem areas in the body you may not be aware of!

Are you wondering, “Should I get a thermogram?” 
Or would you like to learn more about what thermography is? Maybe you’re interested in how thermography may benefit you personally. In conclusion, wherever you’re at in your health and wellness journey, check out this post, or this one, or give us a call!

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