How Does Medical Thermography Work? The Top 5 Questions, Answered Now

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Medical thermography is a radiation free imaging tool that helps you gain insight into your health and wellness. This brief post takes a look at the top five questions asked about how medical thermography works.

First up, and most obvious:

How Does Medical Thermography Work?

Medical thermography works like taking a picture. Today’s thermographers use digital cameras specifically designed to detect and record thermal patterns emitted by your body. Displayed on a computer screen, these heat patterns range mostly from blue (cool) to red (hot). Either color is “normal,” depending on the location or condition. 


Inflammation in the body will register as hot (orange, red, or even white). For example, it wouldn’t be unusual for an injury to appear red on a thermogram. But sometimes, inflammation has no symptoms, because inflammation can exist under the surface for years before causing noticeable symptoms.

This is why medical thermography is so essential to your health. You see, inflammation is the precursor to most diseases. Acne, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, hypertension, pain, and more all involve inflammatory processes. Address the inflammation and you can address the symptoms or disease (even before they’re present)!

As you decrease your body’s inflammation, you decrease the symptoms and disease that lie in wait. But if you don’t even have symptoms, how do you know you’re decreasing inflammation?  Because routine thermograms can tell you! Your initial and first follow up thermograms will establish baseline imaging for your particular body, showing what’s “normal” for you. Routine (typically yearly) thermograms allow you to see if any areas of inflammation are improving or worsening, giving you insight into your body’s healing processes!

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After Your Thermogram

Following your thermogram, doctors (known as thermologists) interpret the images. These interpretations help you gain insight into what’s going on in your body. They also equip you to consult with your own healthcare provider when it’s time to take next steps. 

At Insight Thermography of Oklahoma, we have three certified thermographers ready to help you take a look into your body’s thermal patterns. We also have an in-house traditional naturopath who would love to equip you with natural solutions to reducing inflammation and healing your body. 

Next up: 

What is Medical Thermography Used For?

Because most disease and injury is rooted in inflammation, medical thermography spans a wide range of uses. These include breast health, neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders, vascular disease, hormonal changes, headaches, facial pain, dental concerns, cardiovascular concerns, and more

Truly, anyone with a body can benefit from thermography, as it can give you insight into potential health concerns before symptoms arise. Whether you’re interested in preventative health maintenance, health and wellness, or monitoring the progress of your body or a specific system within your body, medical thermography can benefit you!

                                                             medical thermography

Third in line is definitely one of our most common asks:

Is Medical Thermography Covered by Insurance?

At Insight Thermography of Oklahoma, we do not bill insurance. We do accept HSAs or flex spending accounts, and are happy to provide an invoice for you in the case your particular insurance company is willing to reimburse your thermography appointment!

For more information on thermography and insurance, as well as some helpful codes your provider may need in order to let you know their coverage regarding thermography, check out this post we wrote awhile back or give us a call at (405)306-6340.

How Much Does Full Body Thermography Cost?

At Insight Thermography of Oklahoma, we offer a range of thermal imaging options for both women and men, including Breast Scans, Health Studies, and Full Body Scans. Pricing for thermal imaging at Insight ranges from $199-$549, depending on your particular needs/requests. You can view all of our pricing and imaging information, as well as book an appointment, here

And finally-

Where Can I Get Medical Thermography Done?

If you’re reading this and you’re local, come see us for your thermogram! Right here at Insight! We’d love to meet you and help you achieve your health goals. We have recently expanded to add two additional thermographers and are so excited to be growing and helping the people of Oklahoma and beyond learn more about their body’s health and wellness!

If we’re too far away from you, don’t worry, you can locate a certified thermographer near you using this tool

We’ve only tackled 5 of the most common questions about medical thermography today. For more information, check out  this post or call us at (405) 306-6340. Let us help you begin your health journey today!

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