Certification Process of a Breast Thermographer

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What exactly is the certification process of a thermographer? This post takes a deep dive at the answer to that question.

Many times when we find ourselves in the office of a new doctor, the chair of a new barber, or at the table of a new restaurant, it is because someone told us about that place.

Word of mouth is certainly the way many of us make changes to our current rituals. It’s also the way we often add something new into our lives.

But no one worth being name dropped from friend to friend arrives at their level of expertise by being mediocre.

They invest time and usually money to get where they are. Their training is rarely minimal.

This is true in traditional job settings as well as entrepreneurial enterprises.

The best at what they do are more than competent because they are personally invested! They want to be the best because they love what they are doing!

Many times we as consumers are not aware of the extensive training some of our service providers have gone through to offer the quality of care/service they offer.

Thermographers are no exception.


medical thermographer with a patient

Certification Process of a Thermographer — Certified Oklahoma Thermographers

The certified thermographers (CT) at Insight Thermography Oklahoma are professional and knowledgeable. They undergo extensive training to offer the best thermography experience possible.

Today, we are going to look at the training and certification process a thermographer goes through to become a breast (and body) thermographer.

Interesting to note, there are several different companies that manufacture thermography cameras. Each of these companies has their own training and certification organization and process.

These organizations typically offer annual conferences and training for their thermographers. The certification process can vary from camera brand to camera brand. This is because a different organization is connected to each camera brand.

Certification Process of a Thermographer — Thermographer Certification Methods

Unsurprisingly, everyone has a different way they prefer to do training.

For example, some camera companies offer online training for thermographer certification. Other thermography camera companies prefer to send the purchased thermography camera pre-loaded with a hard drive full of training information to be read, and training videos to be watched.

Some companies send a trainer to the thermographer. This trainer offers one on one training for a few days.

MedHot is the camera company Insight Thermography of Oklahoma uses. They offer and require a multiple day training conference for their thermographer certification.

This training conference culminates with an exam. Passing the exam is a requirement to receive the certification/designation of CT, or Certified Thermographer.

All of the thermographers at Insight hold this certification.


Levels of Thermography Certification


Most certification programs are multi-tiered. With experience and continuing education/training, your certificate level will advance.

These certificate “levels” can vary in title from organization to organization, but the concept is similar.

Because each brand of thermography camera has their own certifying process and organization, there is not a nationwide governing board responsible to set up one standard of certification process for all thermographers.

The camera and organization that each thermographer chooses to affiliate with is a personal preference.

Insight has chosen the camera they feel offers the best quality images. Additionally, this particular camera’s organization offers the most thorough training and certification process for its thermographers.

The training the thermographers at Insight experience well prepares them for accurate focus, framing, and color adjustment of images.

All of these concepts are important in ensuring they get good quality images for your breast or body scan. Every single time.

Aside from the technical process of certification for a breast or body thermographer (i.e. choosing a camera and completing certification requirements), it’s important we note one major thing: 

Thermographers Need Doctors.

Certification is certainly an important step in becoming a breast thermographer/body thermographer. However, it is critical that once certified, the thermographer associates himself or herself with a board of physicians who perform the thermogram interpretation.

These doctors are known as thermologists, and they are trained and board certified to interpret thermograms.

This distinction is worth noting. For an accurate breast or body thermogram report, both a thermographer and a thermologist are necessary.

A certified thermographer is just that– a certified thermographer. He or she is trained to be able to capture the best quality thermal images possible. Holding a certification as a thermographer does not involve or qualify a thermographer reading or interpreting the images taken.

Only a board of physicians can do this.

Any credible thermographer is associated with a group of doctors who interpret their images.

If a thermographer’s training isn’t excellent and effective, the quality of the technology won’t matter. However, the combination of good technology and effective training yields a report for the client that is of value.

Again, no breast or body thermogram can include this valuable report without a partnership between the thermographer and the board of physicians.

All of these components are significant. And it all begins with knowing excellent imaging technique. This requires outstanding training. The Certified Thermographers at Insight receive such training.


erin gerit certified oklahoma thermographer

Insight Thermography’s Oklahoma Thermographers

The Certified Thermographers at Insight Thermography have been capturing thermal breast and body images for three years now.

Before being able to offer thermography as a service, some of them traveled for a four day extensive training. Others received the same intensive thermography training virtually during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

This training taught them how to properly use their infrared camera. This included software and features as well as remote camera movement. Our thermographers also learned how to direct the client’s movement and how to focus and zoom well.

Certification Process of a Thermographer — Full Body Thermogram Study

Each of our thermographers completed at least one full body study. This involved not only taking images but coloring them and submitting them for interpretation by a physician. 

Our thermographers learned from some of the most experienced thermographers in the nation, and trained on real, live clients.

The training also covered in depth information on why thermography works and gave practical advice on how to talk to clients. Thermographer trainees learned to gather background relevant to imaging and also learned tips on less technological concepts like setting the office up to ensure privacy for patients.

After training was complete, the final steps before becoming certified involved a written test as well as a complete full body scan with no assistance from the trainer. Each trainee was also assigned a number of studies to submit after their initial training.

Every single appointment for a breast scan or body scan adds to a thermographer’s experience. Coupled with continuing training opportunities made available on a regular basis, a thermographer fully invested in his or her practice not only begins as fully capable, but continues to grow in capabilities over time.

Have you had a thermogram? Did you know the process thermographers went through to receive their certification(s)? If you have questions or would like to schedule a breast thermogram or body thermogram, contact Insight Thermography of Oklahoma today.

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Regardless of your age or current health condition, and whether you are trying to achieve optimal health or get answers about areas of pain in your body, thermography can help.

Thermography helps give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your well-being.

The process is simple, affordable, and easy to arrange.

Through our variety of thermogram options, we can help you detect underlying health issues in a safe, private, and comfortable environment.

If you’d like to learn more about thermography or book a thermography scan in Oklahoma, then follow this link to our Thermography 101 guide.

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