What’s the Benefit of Thermography? 4 Benefits of Thermography

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4 Benefits of Thermography

This post takes a look at the benefit of thermography. Love natural living, but have never heard of thermography? You might be missing out on valuable knowledge! This knowledge could help with injury or illness detection in your body. Thermography uses an infrared thermal camera to take images of temperature changes on the surface of the skin. Additionally, thermography displays heat patterns which may show signs of inflammation, injury, and illness.

As shown in over 800 studies, thermography is a safe and effective way to examine the human body. Though there are many benefits of thermography, today we’re looking at four. Here they are:

Benefit of Thermography #1: Thermography is an Inflammation Detector

That pain you’ve been feeling in your neck and back? Thermal imaging tests offer an early way to detect signs of inflammation. As we work to identify patterns in your body, you can make important lifestyle changes and healthy choices that may help you avoid disease.

#2: Thermography is a Powerful Baseline Informant

Fortunately, there is zero health risk associated with thermographic scans! This makes thermography a safe option to capture a baseline image of your health. As things change in your body, you can come back for a follow-up scan to see the differences in your image.

#3: Thermography Identifies (and Explains) Pain

Thermography also helps identify sensory-nerve irritation or significant soft-tissue injuries. Because of this, thermal imaging can help to identify a source of pain. When looking at a thermograph, you’ll see an array of red, orange, yellow, white, as well as blue hues. Licensed physicians interpret these colors and patterns to identify potential issues.

Benefit of Thermography #4: Thermography can Prevent or Stop Outbreaks

Thermal imaging cameras are even useful in airports ! They may assist in detecting illness during epidemics like the swine flu. While this doesn’t directly relate to an individual health scan, it does show the power of thermography as a whole.

In conclusion, here’s a fun fact: Thermography is used across numerous industries. Medical Thermography is just one of many instances that use thermal images patterns.

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