5 Incredible Things Your Pee is Telling You Right Now

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Do you feel tired, run-down, achy, or just generally like garbage, but don’t have a clue why? Maybe you’ve been to the doctor (or doctors!) and still don’t have any answers as to why you’re feeling so crummy. Your body is trying to communicate with you– and what your pee is telling you might just be the key to figuring out why you don’t feel like your best version of yourself anymore. At Insight, we listen to your story and equip you with practical tools to help you start feeling better!

Why are Urinalysis Performed

Did you know that testing the urine dates back to the days of Hippocrates, the father of medicine? A time honored practice, urinalysis has been used for about 2400 years! All healthcare practitioners recognize that urine reflects a person’s food and drink intake. This is important, but our urinalysis takes this information and then helps assess the “why” behind your symptoms, allowing us to work alongside you, developing a plan designed to help you feel your best.

Are All Urinalysis the Same?

No. While all urinalysis reflect your food and drink intake, because we live in a world where instant gratification is king, most laboratory urinalysis tests require a single sample of urine and a dipstick. Ours is different.

At Insight, we don’t want to offer you a temporary solution for your symptoms, we want to help uncover the “why” behind your symptoms. Our 24-hour urinalysis test uses multiple samples of urine to help us understand this “why.” Best of all? You collect these samples on your own in the privacy of your own home! Our lab kit ships straight to your door.

What Can a Urinalysis Tell You?

In short, the urinalysis test at Insight will help determine three things your pee is telling you.

  • One, are you adequately digesting the food you eat?
  • Two, are you absorbing and using the nutrients you’ve digested?
  • Three, are you able to get rid of your body’s waste?

Where is Urinalysis Done?

Urinalysis at Home

Our 24-hour urinalysis testing kit is ships straight to your door and includes everything needed for collection and doing so. You’ll complete the urinalysis in the comfort of your own home, ship it back to the lab, and when your results are in, we will contact you to set up your first appointment.                                                 drop ship urinalysis

Urinalysis How to Do

You’ll collect urine over 24 hours  and mail in a sample of these collections. Your kit includes all necessary supplies to collect urine as well as a box, ice pack, and return shipping label. All you have to do is drop your samples off at a FedEx location.

Once we receive your lab results, we contact you to set up your first appointment. At this appointment we will go over the results of your test and introduce your new protocol. We then work closely with you over the next month or so to make sure you are doing well and understanding everything fully.

**Our urinalysis testing is available nation-wide! Since the test is performed in your own home and all of our correspondence can be done via telephone or video chat, you do not have to be local to benefit from this service! We love helping clients from all over the United States!**


Urinalysis Questions

What Does My Urinalysis Result Mean?

Your pee is telling you far more than just a single dipstick test can measure. Our urinalysis testing looks at a range of references, including:

  • A standard screening procedure that helps recognize diabetes, liver and kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and/or inflammation.
  • Physical properties of your urine including cloudiness, color, volume, and specific gravity.
  • An Indican evaluation, which measures the presence of undigested food in the colon. This food putrefies in the body and leads to toxic conditions, causing pain and inflammation.
  • A digestion test, which measures sediment in the urine. This can indicate a digestive problem or identify when dietary changes must be made.
  • Finally, our urinalysis measures your urine’s pH. We also test the calcium level in the urine and see if you are deficient in vitamin C.


Urinalysis or Blood Test?

So many of our clients show up frustrated. Maybe you’ve been to the doctor, bloodwork has been done, everything comes back pristine. BUT…you still feel like garbage and can’t understand why you feel so poorly if your bloodwork is so perfect. Your pee is telling you something about your body long before your blood ever will.

Health sums up nicely as your body’s ability to maintain certain conditions within itself. This is called homeostasis. In order to maintain homeostasis, the body holds on to things it is deficient in and discards what is in excess. Long before this “holding on” and “discarding” will ever show up in a blood test, it is identifiable within the urine. So the urinalysis gives us the opportunity to see what is going on in your body well before an issue will show up in pathology.

Why is Urinalysis Important?

Our urinalysis is important because you are important! Feeling better is important! This test allows us to see how your body is dealing with your dietary choices. It also helps us see if your body is having a hard time
digesting, absorbing, and eliminating what you are taking in. Poor digestion plays a major role in primary health complaints, including allergies, headaches, digestive disorders, etc.

Your urinalysis results help us make recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle changes to promote health and longevity, as well as supplements designed to bring your body back into balance.

urinalysis vs blood test



Urinalysis testing from Insight helps you learn the “why” behind the way you feel. Your body, through the display of symptoms, is trying to tell you something.

Most of us wouldn’t ignore the “check engine” light in our vehicle– we know it’s there for a reason! Likewise, it is foolish to ignore our body’s build in “check engine” light– symptoms and discomfort, for example. Left unaddressed, these symptoms give way to disease and diagnoses you don’t want!

You don’t have to wait until you receive unfavorable blood test results to start feeling better! We can see what is going on in your body right now and help figure out why your symptoms may be occurring. We can then address your symptoms and concerns with diet, lifestyle, and strategic supplementation.

Why wait? Better health can start today. Give us a call at (405)306-6340.

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