5 Immune Boosting Soup Recipes to Make This Winter

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Did you know that many soups contain immune boosting properties? And with a few tweaks here or there, most soup recipes can be adapted to contain some immune boosting ingredients? Today we’re looking at five immune boosting soup recipes to make this winter.

When the air gets even the slightest bit crisp, I find myself in one of my favorite mealtime moods– soup mode. Soup evokes feelings of warmth and coziness, and the fact you can throw it together of ingredients you’re needing to use up is a major win for this mama.

In the fall, our immune system often takes a hit. This can happen as a result of changes in weather, our summer food choices, as well as the excess of the holidays. The best way to maintain your health through the fall and winter seasons is to wash your hands well and frequently, avoid close contact with sick people, and keep your immune system functioning well.

These recipes help you in the immune system department, so “stock” up on them (see what I did there?) all fall and winter. These recipes are great to assist in preventing illness, but also to speed up recovery should a cold or flu find you this season. Full of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, your body will thank you for enjoying a cozy cup or two!

chicken rice souprustic winter soupimmune boosting winter soup

Chicken and Rice Soup

This chicken and rice soup recipe is a long time personal favorite in my household. It’s easy to throw together, won’t break the bank, and is super delicious, a crowd pleaser for sure.

The onions, garlic, and carrots in this soup contribute vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients beneficial to your immune system. The fresh thyme is an all around immune boosting anti-viral anti-bacterial ingredient!

You could also add a couple of teaspoons of ground turmeric to the soup, as turmeric is a strong antioxidant full of immune boosting properties!

Sweet Potato Chowder

This rustic chowder looks so comforting and hearty! Containing sweet potatoes, pancetta, kale, sage, coconut milk and so much more goodness, this yummy dish can be topped with crunchy roasted pepitas. Yum.

This is a richer soup. However, you could leave out the pancetta if you aren’t eating meat or it doesn’t sound good when you’re under the weather. Same is true for the coconut milk/cream.

The kale and sweet potatoes in this recipe are excellent sources of vitamin C, which offers major immune system support!


Icelandic Vegetable and Oat Soup

This one sounds fun to try! It’s naturally vegetarian. And this tasty recipe contains potatoes, cauliflower, oats, carrots, mushrooms, and more. Easily adaptable to whatever ingredients you have in your kitchen, you can make changes to this recipe wherever necessary or desired!

The garlic in this recipe helps deliver a sinus-clearing effect. Also, the mushrooms add a nice dose of vitamin D.


Homemade Vegetable Soup

This one’s similar to a chicken noodle soup, minus the chicken (although you could add some if you wanted)! Containing onions, carrots, celery, loads of herbs, turmeric, vegetable broth, and spiral noodles, this one is sure to be a family favorite!

Turmeric is a powerful immune boosting antioxidant. It also adds a beautiful rich orange color to this soup. The veggies in the soup are full of vitamins A and C, and the herbs add a nice immune boost as well.


Vegetarian Slow Cooker Pozole

This soup is sure to have tons of flavor thanks to the poblano peppers, ancho chile powder, and dried herbs and spices. The cannellini beans in the recipe are a good source of protein and fiber. And of course, in this recipe you’ll also find the telltale pozole ingredient, hominy. This stew is topped with shredded cabbage, radishes, cilantro, and sour cream. SO GOOD.

Poblano peppers and ancho chiles contain antioxidants. These work to give the immune system a boost. Additionally, hominy and cannellini beans are both great sources of fiber. And the toppings aren’t just garnishes to the soup, they add a ton of health benefits! Cabbage is a powerhouse source of vitamin C, K, A, folate and more! Radishes are rich in B vitamins, zinc, and vitamin C. And cilantro is a natural antioxidant and excellent for your immune system!
immune boosting soup immune boosting soup immune boosting soup recipe healthy pozole


Which one of these immune boosting soup recipes sounds the most delicious to you? Or maybe you have a favorite fall or winter soup recipe to share? Share it with us in the comments! We love hearing from you!

If you’re interested in learning more about your immune system health, contact us at 405-306-6340.


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