3 Ways to Improve Breast Health

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When it comes to improving breast health, there are a number of opinions on what to do. Eat this, don’t eat that, take this supplement, do this exercise, etc. In the spirit of keeping it simple, let’s look at THE top 3 ways you can improve your breast health.

Improve Breast Health By Addressing Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is at the root of all disease? It’s true, for our entire body, including our breasts. Chronic inflammation allowed to continue will create the perfect environment for a disease process to take root.

Thermography is able to detect inflammation, whether you’ve developed symptoms of inflammation or not yet. You can see the inflammation in the thermal images, and begin to address it.

By reducing this inflammation, you improve the health of both your breasts AND your entire body. Want some ideas on how to reduce inflammation in your body? Check out this post to read a few of our best tips.

breast health

Improve Breast Health By Addressing Hormonal Imbalance

Balancing our hormones and ensuring everything is in check is a large part of breast cancer prevention. When it comes to thermography, there are certain thermal patterns visible in our imaging that could suggest your hormones need some attention.

Thermography alerts you very early, enabling you to take control, support your body, and bring your hormones back into balance. To read a little bit more about hormones and breast health, visit this post.

breast health hormone imbalance

Improve Breast Health By Addressing Lymphatic Congestion

Your lymphatic system is a major player when it comes to your breast and body health. If your lymph system is stagnant, your body struggles to remove toxins and keep you well!

Lymphatic congestion/stagnation is seen often in our thermography practice. When we see it on the images, we can make recommendations to help you get your lymph flowing again! This will drastically improve both the health of your breasts and entire body!

For some tips on improving lymphatic function, here’s a helpful read.

lymphatic congestion


When you address these three areas, and continue to take care of yourself in these ways, your body will thank you. Even the act of knowing we are caring for our bodies well can help us feel better and more confident in our health and wellness.

Have questions? Want more information on these three areas of breast and body health? Interested in scheduling a thermogram? We’d love to talk with you! You can reach us at 405-306-6340.

(If you’re interested in reading a little bit further about thermography in regards to breast health, this post is very good and informative.)

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