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What we do Taking a picture worth a thousand words.

We use thermal imaging to see what’s going on inside your body so you can live your healthiest life. Our purpose is to provide you with the best resources to help you make informed decisions about your health‐ thermography is our tool of choice.

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Trained technicians Our team, on your side.

As fellow human beings with bodies, we know what’s at stake when dealing with our health and the health of our families. We also know the importance of comfort and how a welcoming atmosphere can make all the difference in the way we pursue a healthy life. That’s why we’ve made your experience our mission.

Why Insight?

Breast Study


Safe screening for:

Breast Cysts

Lymphatic Congestion

Estrogen Dominance

Generalized Inflammation

Hormone Imbalance

Fibrocystic Breasts

Health Study


Safe screening for:

Sinuses, TMJ, Neck Pain

Cardiovascular Health

Acid Reflux, Lung Health

Upper Back Stress or Strain

Digestive Disorders

Lower Back pain

Full Body Study


Safe screening for:

Breast Health

Cardiovascular Health

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Sinus and Allergies

Digestive Disorders

Dental Challenges

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